Projects Overview

Homeschoolers Anonymous:


The Mary Project:

Named in honor of the pseudonymous author of our most popular series, the Mary Project will undertake a public awareness campaign to fight child abuse in homeschooling communities — the campaign that we asked HSLDA to undertake and that HSLDA ignored. We will:

• Work in conjunction with national child abuse awareness organizations to develop a curriculum for teaching homeschool support groups and communities how to recognize and properly address child abuse within their own member families.

• Develop a public awareness campaign about abuse and issues such as self-injury and mental illness for homeschooling communities that can be passed along free of charge to communities through conventions and social media.

• Organize and train a team of presenters to bring this curriculum to national and state homeschool conventions, as well as local support groups.

• Encourage a mutually respectful dialogue and relationship between state child protective services and homeschooling communities.

Broken Arrows Project: 

The Broken Arrows Initiative will create a tangible and concrete support system for homeschool graduates in need, as well as lifelines for current homeschool students in unhealthy situations. Physical, legal, and financial assistance are all included in this initiative. We will:

• Establish a fund to help provide temporary assistance for legal adults recently rescued from abusive families.

• Develop legal and administrative resources for graduates that are experiencing difficulty filing for financial aid due to educational abuse.

• Establish a college scholarship fund for individuals from households that discouraged higher education.

• Create a physical safe house for escapees of abusive backgrounds, focusing on job training, education assistance, life skill development, and document recovery.

R.A.H.A.B.: Research Alliance for Homeschooling Attitudes and Beliefs

Concrete data is important when you’re working with any demographic, and homeschoolers are no exception. Data helps us determine where we can do the most good and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts. R.A.H.A.B. will be the arm of HARO that researches and documents data pertaining to the homeschooling movement. Through R.A.H.A.B, we will:

• Track homeschooling conventions and conferences to determine who the most influential speakers and organizations are each year.

• Send researchers to key conventions and conferences to record prevalent ideas and ideologies and document speeches and presentations.

• Evaluate popular homeschooling curriculum, assessing factors such as fundamentalism, revisionism, objectivity, and adequacy of subject matters covered.


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