Press Releases

• March 16, 2013: “Former homeschoolers rally against abuse”


• March 17, 2013: Heather Doney, Becoming Worldly, “Adding my Name to Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• March 17, 2013: Julie Anne Smith, Spiritual Sounding Board, “Homeschool Anonymous and Training up Children the Homeschool Movement Way”

• March 17, 2013: Who Would Jesus Sue?, “Introducing Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• March 17, 2013: Libby Anne, Love Joy Feminism, “Introducing: Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• March 19, 2013: Suzanne Calulu, No Longer Quivering, “Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• April 11, 2013: Michelle Goldberg, The Daily Beast, “Homeschooled Kids, Now Grown, Blog Against the Past”

• April 11, 2013: The Commandments of Men, “Homeschoolers Anonymous – New Site By Homeschool Survivors”

• April 14, 2013: Bridgette P. LaVictoire, Lez Get Real, “FRC: Don’t Give A Dime To The GOP”

• April 15, 2013: Cynthia Jeub, Insights on Epic Living, “Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• Catherine Townsend, The Daily Mail, “We were told that suffering is a good thing”

• April 17, 2013: Dee, The Wartburg Watch, “Puncturing the Duggar Family Myth: Homeschoolers Rebel”

• April 18, 2013: Pat Farenga, John Holt GWS, “Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• April 29, 2013: Virginia Prescott, New Hampshire Public Radio, “Homeschoolers Anonymous”

• May 2, 2013: Katheryn Joyce, Mother Jones, “Mitt Romney’s Advice to College Grads: Start Having Babies As Soon As Possible”

• May 8, 2013: Katherine Stewart, The Guardian, “The dark side of home schooling: creating soldiers for the culture war”

• May 8, 2013: Katherine Stewart piece reposted on Raw Story, “The home school subculture creates soldiers for America’s culture war”

• May 9, 2013: Alexander Reed Kelly, Truth Dig, “Christian Home-Schooled Children: ‘Traumatized Veterans’ of the Culture Wars”

• July 3, 2013: Meredith Tax, AlterNet, “Schools Teaching Religious Fundamentalism Are Endangering Creative Thinking”

• July 11, 2013: Al Stefanelli, God Discussion, “Say ‘No’ to home school child abuse”

• July 12, 2012: Blog Talk Radio / God Discussion: “The Good and the Ugly Aspects of Christian Homeschooling”