Our Advisory Council

HARO’s Advisory Council consists of thoughtful community leaders who advise the HARO Board of Directors on issues relevant to our vision of “Renewing and transforming homeschooling from within.” We are honored to have these leaders contribute their knowledge in their specific areas of expertise. 

As an Advisory Council, this Council serves an advisory, not executive, role and is separate and distinct from the HARO Board. Each Advisor is being tapped for one specific area (noted below) in which we believe they can assist us in our own work.

Elizabeth Esther

Area of expertise: Child physical abuse/corporal punishment

Elizabeth Esther

Elizabeth Esther is the author of Girl at The End of the World and Spiritual Sobriety. She blogs at www.elizabethesther.com.

Esther grew up in a fundamentalist Christian group started by her grandfather called The Assembly. She left the group when she was 25. Since then she has appeared on Anderson Cooper’s TV show to confront Michael Pearl about his abusive “child-training” practices. She has also written extensively about child abuse in fundamentalist Christianity.

Esther lives in Southern California with her husband and their five children. She loves rainy days, long walks on the beach, her rescue dogs and Mint Milanos. Also, she can’t live without coffee.

Kathi Bonham

Area of expertise: relationship between homeschooling and CPS

Kathi Bonham
Kathi Bonham

Kathi Bonham is a Bible-belt midwest transplant to the beautiful Pacific northwest. After homeschooling her kids for 10 years (she decided that high school math and science were not her strongest subjects), both kids are in public school. She is a former church goer and finds herself in that unstudied demographic of middle-aged Nones.

Bonham has a B.A. in Urban Ministry and a M.S.W. Her goal is to work with children who have been abused or are in foster care.

She loves to knit, cook and read (not in any particular order).