For Alumni

CC image courtesy of Flickr, kooikkari.
CC image courtesy of Flickr, kooikkari.

Are you a homeschool alum striking out on your own for the first time? Here are some links to help you establish your life and keep yourself safe.

Learn how to…

Apply for a Social Security card

Apply for the FAFSA if your parent(s) will not sign

Avoid dangerous situations

Communicate about sex with a partner

Cut off contact with an abusive parent or family member

Drink and party responsibly

Establish credit with a credit card and without a credit card

Estimate average utility costs for an apartment

File your taxes

Find a doctor

Find a homeless shelter or emergency housing assistance

Find a sexual assault victim advocate

Find a therapist

Find domestic violence or rape crisis shelters

Find new music you like

Find support in coming out to your family and friends

Get a cell phone with no or bad credit

Get emancipated

Get help for suicidal thoughts

Get mental health help

Get tested for STIs

Get your GED

Interview for a job

Make a personal budget

Make new friends if you’re socially awkward

Obtain a birth certificate

Open a bank account

Prevent your parent(s) from stealing your financial identity

Protect yourself during sex

Rent an apartment and scope it out before you commit

Report child abuse

Shop for car insurance

Shop for health insurance

Understand body language

Understand consent in a romantic and/or sexual relationship

Use public transportation

Write a personal statement for a college application

Note: None of the above should be construed as legal or professional advice and is provided by HARO simply as resources. We do not necessarily endorse the content of the above linked sites. If you have suggestions for what to add to the list (or are concerned about a listed resource), please do not hesitate to send us a message.