Our Mission and Goals


Homeschoolers Anonymous is a cooperative project by former homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers Anonymous is a cooperative project by former homeschoolers.

We are an inclusive community interested in sharing our experiences growing up in the conservative, Christian homeschooling subculture. From the Quiverfull movement to the betrothal/courtship mentality to Generation Joshua and the dominionist attitudes of HSLDA, we are survivors. And we are standing together to make our voices heard. We want the world to hear our stories and we want to give hope to those who are still immersed in that world. There is a way to break free and be yourself.

Is HA opposed to homeschooling?

We do not stand against homeschooling as an educational method. But we are standing up for those who have been hurt by certain oppressive groups and ways of thinking within the Christian homeschool movement. Above all, we want to provide healing to other survivors, hope for those still suffering, and knowledge to those unaware of the inner workings of this movement.

Is HA opposed to _____?

We are a diverse community that welcomes all sorts of people. We do not advocate any one particular path — some of us are religious, some are not; some of us are politically liberal, others are conservative; some of us might homeschool our children in the future, others want nothing to do with homeschooling anymore. We are not interested in championing any particular doctrine.


Our mission is to make homeschooling better for future generations through awareness, community building, and healing.


Our organizational goals are as follows:

1. To bring awareness to the suffering many children experience through aspects of the Christian homeschool movement.

2. To educate the public about the inner workings and politics of certain Christian homeschooling communities.

3. To provide a voice against some of the extreme positions of Christian homeschool ideologues.

4. To inspire survivors to speak up about abuse and control.

5. To give hope to those who currently suffer from abuse and control.

6. To bring healing to those who have escaped an abusive or controlling home environment and provide new survivors with resources for developing independence.

7. To create a community of shared experiences.