Child Abuse Resources


General information:

What is Child Abuse?

10 Warning Signs of Child Abuse

What Should You Do If You Know a Child is Being Abused?

Free Online Mandatory Reporter Training Modules

Websites for Further Information about Child Abuse

Resources for Further Reading on Child Abuse


Specific abuse types:

Characteristics of Child Sexual Predators

Understanding Physical Abuse

Why We Need to Take Emotional Abuse Seriously

Neglect: A Quieter Abuse

Sibling Abuse: The Unspoken Threat

How to Respond to Sibling Abuse as a Parent or Caretaker

Understanding Institutional Abuse


Homeschool-specific information:

FREE Curriculum: “Child Abuse Awareness 101 for Homeschoolers”

Child Abuse and Homeschooling

Action Steps for Homeschooling Communities

10 Child Abuse Prevention Steps Your Homeschool Group Can Take Today

Planning a Child Abuse Awareness Day for Your Homeschool Group


Child protection policies

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Child Protection Policy for Your Homeschool Organization


Free PDF downloads:

Curriculum: “Child Abuse Awareness 101 for Homeschoolers”

Flyer: “Child Abuse 101: Action Steps for Homeschooling Communities”

Flyer: “Child Abuse 101: 10 Warning Signs of Child Abuse”

Handout: “Child Abuse Awareness Day for Homeschoolers”

Quiz: “Can You Identify the Average Child Sexual Predator?”