Want HARO to Speak at Your Event?

Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out would be glad to give a presentation at or run a workshop for your homeschool community, group, co-op, or convention.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.05.21 AMApart from reasonable compensation for food, lodging, travel, and materials, we do not ask for any speaker fees. Our goal is to spread our material as far and wide as possible to help as many children, alumni, and communities as possible.

Topics that our board members can speak on include:

  • Recognizing and reporting child abuse
  • How to make homeschooling communities safe against abusers
  • Basics about mental health and illness
  • What homeschooling communities can do to support students and parents with mental illness
  • Recognizing self-injury and what parents can do to support children who struggle with it
  • Basics about LGBT* issues
  • How Christian parents can support their LGBT* children

We would also be happy to consider other topics that your group might be interested in hearing about.

If you’d like HARO to present to workshop for you, please use send us a message.