Donate to HARO During Our Spring Fundraising Drive!

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CC image courtesy of Flickr, byronv2; edited.
CC image courtesy of Flickr, byronv2; edited.

Dear supporters,

As we face the second half of 2016, Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out will be expanding and venturing out into exciting new projects. We are creating a new national survey of homeschool alumni. We are working on creating the second editions of our child abuse prevention and suicide prevention curriculums. We are applying for grants. We are creating a guide for homeschool alumni on overcoming identification abuse. And we are creating a new curriculum for homeschooling parents and organizations on creating a child protection policy.

Between 2015 and 2016 so far, we have:

• Published 40+ blog posts on HARO’s website, addressing a diverse set of topics ranging from advice for new homeschooling parents, domestic violence, caring for LGBTQ children, creating a child protection policy, to sibling abuse;

• Attended the founding of the first-ever homeschool trade association and represented the interests of homeschool alumni;

• Provided child protection policy consultation;

• Awarded three college scholarships for homeschool alumni, two for women in STEM and one for LGBTQ alumni;

• Created the first-ever comprehensive curriculums on child abuse prevention and suicide prevention specifically tailored to homeschooling families and communities (Child Abuse Awareness 101 for Homeschoolers, HARO, 2015; Suicide Prevention 101 for Homeschoolers, HARO, 2015)

• Applied to present at four homeschool conventions on the topic of child abuse prevention, including Christian Home Educators Association of California and Teaching Them Diligently Conventions;

• Conducted a giveaway for Lindsey and Justin Holcomb’s children’s book on child sexual abuse and child safety, God Made All of Me;

• Released 9 installments of the results from the 2014 Survey of Adult Alumni of the Modern Christian Homeschool Movement, with the generous help of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education;

• Conducted a survey on identification abuse within homeschooling to better understand the phenomenon;

• Published 450+ blog posts on our narrative-sharing platform, Homeschoolers Anonymous, accruing millions of page views;

• Received national media coverage in thirteen well-respected outlets, including the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, Texas Monthly, ProPublica, and JSTOR Daily.

HARO is run entirely by volunteers who have dedicated hundreds upon hundreds of hours to make this organization happen. Our team has grown as a number of new volunteers have taken over much of the day-to-day operations of the Homeschoolers Anonymous platform. We are grateful for the strong and diverse voices they bring to the conversation.

We would love to expand our efforts. Our upcoming survey will involve significant promotion expenses. We plan to apply to exhibit and present at several homeschool conventions this summer. We also have our regular maintenance expenses like renewing domain names and hosting and bank account fees.

To this end, we are conducting a fundraising drive for the spring months of May and June. We are hoping to create a small but steady stream of donations.

Our goal is to recruit 20 donors who are each willing to give a minimum recurring monthly donation of $10 for 12 months. 

You can make a secure recurring donation to HARO through Paypal: click here to donate, and select the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” button. (You are welcome to make a recurring donation of more than $10, too, of course.)

If you do not want to make a recurring donation, one-time donations are of course welcome.

You can also support the work of HARO through Amazon Smile and through the corporate matching program Benevity.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to what the rest of 2016 has in store as we work together to accomplish our vision of “Renewing and transforming homeschooling from within.”


The HARO Board