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The HARO board bids a fond farewell to Andrew Roblyer and a hearty welcome to Dr. Janelle Briggs!

Andrew Roblyer

After serving on the HARO board since its inception, Andrew Roblyer will be stepping down. We are extremely grateful to all the work he has put into making HARO the organization it is today. Roblyer’s thoughtful and cautious nature helped guide our organization through several important milestones. We wish him the best as he pursues his future academic and professional plans.

Roblyer provided HARO with the following statement concerning his resignation:

It has been an absolute privilege serving as a founding board member for Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out. I have been incredibly blessed getting to work with Ryan, Nick, Shaney, and Lauren as we have watched the community and reach of HARO and Homeschoolers Anonymous skyrocket. Unfortunately, due to my own personal obligations, I have decided to step down from the board. Helping to run two new non-profit organizations simultaneously has proven to be a difficult task, and I believe that the organization will be better served by someone who can give their full attention to the continuing work. I still plan to be involved in an advisory and community-member capacity, because I care deeply for homeschooling communities, our community of alumni, and the work that HARO is doing to help transform homeschooling from within.

While we will miss Andrew, we are also excited to announce his replacement: Dr. Janelle Briggs.

Dr. Janelle Briggs
Dr. Janelle Briggs

Like all of HARO’s board members, Dr. Briggs is a homeschool alumna. She has been a member of the Homeschoolers Anonymous community since it began. She served on the Scholarship Selection Committee for HARO’s 2015 Alumni Scholarship for Women In STEM Fields. As an academic counselor, Dr. Briggs brings a wealth of knowledge about how to help high school students transition to college and we look forward to developing resources for HARO on that topic with her guidance and expertise.

Here’s a bit more about Dr. Briggs:

Dr. Janelle Briggs has a PhD in Speech Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Her doctoral research involved the intersection of feminism, sporting culture, political theory, and ontology. She will soon begin working as an Academic Counselor in the CATS Academics office at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Briggs has taught courses at three institutions in Communication and Women’s studies, including Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and a senior seminar entitled Women and the Boyd. With over 7 years of experience working in Higher Education, Dr. Briggs has knowledge of all aspects of the college process, from admissions to financial aid, choosing a major and making effective life/study plans, to thriving through graduation and beyond.

She has her M.A. in Communication Studies and her B.B.A. in Business Marketing from the University of Louisiana, Monroe. She is the proud mom of a 4.5 yr old doxie-beagle named Dewey. Dr. Briggs loves sweatpants, coffee, books, and the Gilmore girls. In her spare time, she thinks about going for a run, but usually opts for making cookies instead.


Author: The HARO Team