Announcing HARO’s New FREE Curriculum, “Suicide Prevention 101 for Homeschoolers”

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suicide2Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out (HARO) is happy to announce our newest free curriculum for homeschooling groups and organizations, Suicide Prevention 101 for Homeschoolers. The curriculum has a simple goal:

To empower and equip you and your homeschool community with the information necessary to recognizing the warning signs of and preventing suicide.

We developed this curriculum — which includes both an instructor guide and attendee packets — to teach your homeschooling community how to do the following:

1) Understand which people groups are most at risk of suicide

2) Know what factors can increase a person’s risk of suicide

3) Recognize the main warning signs of suicide

4) Intervene during a crisis and get a suicidal person help

5) Start making families and homeschooling communities safer

6) Engage in continuing education about mental health issues

This curriculum is a free service provided by HARO. Both this instructor guide as well as the attendee handouts may be printed and reproduced in entirety for educational purposes provided no text is altered and proper attribution is given to HARO. You are welcome to make as many copies of the guide and handouts as your community needs.

This curriculum is lecture- and discussion-based. Each section includes an exact and detailed script for you to read out loud to your event’s attendees. This script corresponds to the attendee packets. At the end of each sections are “Discussion Questions” to encourage group participation. There is also a test you can administer at the end of the class.

Thank you very much for your interest in learning about suicide and how we as homeschooling students, parents, and alumni can work together to prevent it. This subject, along with many other mental health issues, is a vitally important issue to tackle. We appreciate your willingness to do so. And we hope that this curriculum contributes to making your homeschooling community a safer and more nurturing place for everyone.

To download HARO’s Suicide Prevention 101 for Homeschoolers curriculum for free, click the links below:

Download the Instructor Guide | Download the Attendee Packet


Author: The HARO Team